MailVox e-marketing services

What does it cost?

Let’s look at typical costs for a monthly newsletter containing one feature article, one secondary article, about three photos and up to five external links.

Task 1st Issue Subsequent Issues
Strategy, design and copy Standard rate structure Standard rate structure
Template set up and use $1,500, includes one-time initial template $700.00, using original template
Sending $20.00 per thousand $20.00 per thousand
Online reports* Free, isn’t that cool!? Still free, isn’t that even cooler!?

*MondoVox also offers additional e-marketing services including report analysis, ongoing strategy refinement and monthly list maintenance.

Cost Per Unit

Of course, the cost per unit plummets with higher quantities of qualified addresses and subsequent issues. Plus, you don’t pay for printing or postage.

Call Us For An Estimate On Integrating e-marketing Into Your Mix

We’d love to show you how you can integrate the following e-marketing tools into your overall marketing and sales plan to stay in touch with existing customers, reach out to prospects and support your sales team.

  • newsletters
  • announcements
  • invitations
  • coupons
  • recipes
  • tips and tricks
  • press releases
  • weekly sales reports
  • catalogs
  • specials
  • event pre- and post-mailers
  • promotions
  • sales meeting follow ups
  • new product information
  • meeting schedules and updates
  • thank you emails
  • warranty reminders
  • seminar notes distribution