Recchia Pension Advisors

Using postcards to get in the door.

Using a broad series of postcards, we hit most of the hot buttons of benefits managers. We also spread the campaign out over many months to allow sales time to follow up.

Our research showed that the vast majority of RPA’s competitors used stock photographs of standard office people in their marketing materials. We chose to combine conceptual stock illustrations with headlines hitting key pain points experienced by prospects. This saved the expense of custom illustrations while also setting Recchia Pension apart from the competition.

Ripon Printers

New technologies revolutionize multichannel thinking.

In 2013, we launched a communications revolution campaign for Ripon Printers. Media include print and banner ads, post cards, landing pages, white papers, and buttons. We used the “power fist” that was popularized in the ’60s to represent the idea of “revolution” but taking it a step further by adding the tools used in various media.

Prinova Sales Collateral

Integrating new brand look across sales materials.

Prinova, a global ingredients supplier, needed a fresh set of sales materials after a major rebranding that included a new company name. We developed an illustrative approach to separate them from competitors in all the industries they now serve. Materials include folders, brochures, sell sheets, e-blast templates, banner and print ads, and trade show materials.